Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Birthday/Family Celebrations

I had a fantastic pre-birthday weekend. I was out of town spending time with family and it was pretty perfect. I took part of Friday afternoon and all of Monday off from work so I could cram in more stuff. Sorry for the awkward picture layout. I couldn't get them to go where they should.
Check out the stirring action!
Sugar on Snow

Highlights of the awesomeness:

  • I went for two walks with my niece
  • We had sugar on snow
  • We did finger painting (again with the niece)
  • My niece helped me make pancakes
  • I taught my niece the importance of cookies in a well-balanced diet (knowledge for when she's older - the only 'treat' she got from me was banana bread) (and yes, my sister reads this blog so I felt the need to add that little disclaimer)
  • We went to a play centre
  • I tried a few new recipes (which will be posted in a bit)
  • I discussed my diet changes with family and really appreciate some of the support.Especially noteworthy comments/events:
    • My mom asking me about my preferences/restrictions. I told her no meat and that I would be 100% dairy free at home....but if something she made/served had an itty bitty amount of dairy I would survive...to which she replied that if I wouldn't eat it at home I shouldn't have to eat it at her house.
    • Family members trying some of the vegan recipes
Today is my actual birthday, and the awesomeness (mostly) continues:
  • I've heard from friends and family....starting at 6:30 AM. That particular call did not elicit a super-excited response (due to the hour) but I put on my game face and pulled it off. And really, the caller likely got the 'best' version of me today because as the day has progressed my throat has felt like I swallowed a fireball and then chased it with a fistful of razors (see why I put 'mostly' up there?)
  • The bunnies wished me a happy birthday with couch snuggles and floor snuggles (from the two that like their paws firmly planted on the ground). Unfortunately, they were not cooperative with going back into the bunny room and have since been their typical bunny-selves. (Yes, Naveen, I'm looking at your linoleum chewing face).
  • The weather was gorgeous
  • The radio cooperated with my 3 hours of driving...except at the end of the day when they played Mumford & Sons...a current favourite of mine. The issue is that the Mumford experience requires cranking the volume and singing along - horribly out of key. However, my throat was too sore to fully enjoy the experience
Overall, things are good.

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